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Sperm check after male sterilisation

After sterilisation, a sperm check is needed to determine if the procedure was successful. This page provides information about the sperm check and instructions on how to collect and transport semen samples.

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Please keep in mind: You are not instantly infertile.

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What is a sperm check after male sterilisation?

During the sterilisation procedure, a small piece of both sperm tubes was removed to block living sperm cells. After the procedure, you are not instantly infertile. After approximately three months and at least 30 ejaculations your semen will be tested to check if the procedure has been successful. The check is performed following the guidelines of the Dutch Association of Urology.

Preparations at home

After the procedure, one of our staff will provide you with a sterile plastic container and further instructions on how to collect and hand in your sperm. To have reliable results, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions. Furthermore, it is important to have had an ejaculation three days before the sperm check is due and after that no more. Only then we can be sure to have sperm in optimal condition.

Use of medication or fever

Contact us or our urologist if you used medication or had a fever (higher than 38.5°C) during the last three months. The quality of the sperm cells may be affected causing to have less reliable results from the sperm check. In this case, it is advisable to postpone the sperm check.

Collection of sperm

On the day of the test, you are to collect sperm in the sterile container you got from us. This is a certified container made of polypropylene (PP). It is important to keep the container at body temperature level. You can achieve this by holding the container in your hand for a few minutes. Sudden coldness can negatively affect the sperm.

Instructions for collection of sperm

The sterile container is packed and cleaned for a special purpose. Please make sure to leave the sterile container and its packaging unopened until ready to use. Do not rinse or clean the container prior to collecting your sperm. Follow the instructions for collection of sperm:

  • First, wash your penis and glans with water, do not use soap. Dry them thoroughly.
  • Before ejaculation, make sure the container is at body temperature level.
  • Stimulate ejaculation while masturbating (self-stimulation).
  • Sperm collected in a condom is not suitable to test as some condoms are coated with spermicides (chemicals that kill sperm).
  • Make sure all the semen is collected in the container. If there is a spill, the test must be cancelled and postponed. If this is the case, you do not need to bring your sperm to the laboratory. You need to call and schedule a new appointment. You will receive a new container from us.
  • Make sure to tightly close the container with the lid. Stick the label with your personal details on the container.
    Fill out the required form.
  • Transport the container in an upright position while keeping it at body temperature level, e.g. by keeping it at the inside of your coat or jacket.
  • The sperm sample must be delivered at our laboratory within 2 hours after collection and handed in a closed envelope. Please stick to the time of the appointment.

What are the costs for a sperm check?

A sperm check is included in the costs of male sterilisation. You do not need to pay for these additional costs.

If you decide to hand in your sperm sample to a different laboratory than the one we use, you are required to pay the costs charged by that laboratory. The costs of a sperm check range from €50 up to and over €100. The laboratory of your choosing will provide you with the test results.

Test results

The results of the sperm check will be ready within one week. You will receive an e-mail informing you that your test results are available to access in your digital patient file MijnAndros.

Sperm Check after Vasectomy Form

Please fill out this form and take it with you when handing in your sperm sample at the Andros laboratory. The information on this form is important to physicians to make a correct assessment of the test results. This form is also on the last page of information leaflet Sperm check after vasectomy.

Important: The sperm sample has to be delivered within 2 hours after collection at the Andros laboratory. Please keep the sperm sample at body temperature level.

Contact us or our urologist if you used medication or had a fever (higher than 38.5°C) during the last three months, or if there was a spill while collecting the sperm. The quality of the sperm cells may be negatively affected meaning the test must be cancelled and postponed. If so, you need to call and schedule a new appointment.

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