Male sterilisation

Sex after male sterilisation: Same sensation at ejaculation

Male sterilisation does not negatively affect the sexual mechanism and the sensation after a sexual climax.

Nader Naderi

Sterilisation has no negative impact on your sex life.

Nader Naderi
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No impact on seks or masculinity

Many men worry about negative impacts on their sex life after sterilisation. There is no reason for concern. Read more about this in the FAQs.

Will my sperm change after sterilisation?

The amount of semen will look the same as only a small part of the semen consists of sperm cells (few percent). Your semen may appear somewhat less viscous (less jelly-like) after the procedure. After sterilisation, your semen will only consist of prostate fluid and will not carry sperm cells. The sensation at a sexual climax and ejaculation will remain the same.

Does it negatively affect sexual climax?

No, after sterilisation the sensation at sexual climax remains unchanged. The only difference is that your semen will no longer carry sperm cells after a vasectomy. The sperm cells remain in the testicle and are broken down by the body. Sperm production will slowly decrease and will stop 5 to 10 years after the procedure.

Does it negatively affect sex drive?

No, sterilisation does not have a negative impact on your sex drive. Not at all! Sterilisation blocks free passage of sperm cells. It has no negative impacts on sexual arousal, libido or hormones. It does not negatively affect your sex drive. Your sex drive remains unchanged.

Does it negatively affect my erection?

No, your erection remains unchanged after sterilisation. Men get an erection when blood vessels relax and open up and the corpora cavernosa of the penis (the two channels in the shaft of your penis) fill with blood. The blood in the corpora cavernosa comes from the lower abdominal area. Sterilisation only blocks the sperm cells in the testicle and does not obstruct the blood flow of the penis.

Will my hormones change after sterilisation?

No, hormones remain unchanged after sterilisation. Masculinity remains unchanged. The testicle will keep producing male hormones. Sterilisation will only decrease the production of sperm cells in the years after the procedure. The hormone level will remain the same as previously. It is a natural process that with ageing your hormone level will slowly decrease. This is common to all men and has nothing to do with sterilisation.

Sex after sterilisation: When is it safe to have sex?

After sterilisation, we advise you to abstain from sex for a week to prevent haematomas (bleeding outside of blood vessels). Moreover, having sex can be painful. Having sex too soon can increase the risk of severe internal haematomas.

Masturbation after sterilisation: When is it safe to masturbate?

Masturbation after sterilisation will not be an issue, but your body needs to rest a few days after the procedure for wound recovery.

How long do I need to use contraceptives?

After sterilisation, you need to use contraceptives (methods for birth control) till it is certain that your semen no longer carries sperm cells. This can be made clear by doing a sperm check. A sperm check can be done after three months and at least 30 ejaculations. The results of the check will be sent to you in writing. It is important to use contraceptives after a vasectomy until the sperm check indicates the sterilisation has been successful. Read more about the sperm check

Where are the sperm cells? Why do I have this feeling of propulsion?

The sperm cells remain in the testicle and are broken down by the body itself. After the procedure, sperm production will continue which can cause a feeling of propulsion in the testicles. It can create some discomfort in the first few weeks after the procedure. At ejaculation, this feeling of propulsion may be felt in the testicles. The feeling will pass over the course of weeks/months after the procedure.

What happens to sperm production?

After the procedure, sperm production will continue for a short while. Sperm production in the testicle will slowly decrease and will stop 5 to 10 years after the sterilisation procedure.

Why choose Andros?

  • Since 2004, Andros has provided urological care to men.
  • Sterilisations are always carried out by professional and well-experienced urologists.
  • Our clinics have the ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate) referring to the highest possible quality standards in our field of specialism.
  • High satisfaction rate: 9.1 in 2023 from reviews on Zorgkaart Nederland.

Male sterilisation can be performed at our clinics in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Baarn, Rijswijk – The Hague and Den Bosch.

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