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Male sterilisation in the Netherlands – Andros Clinics

Male sterilisation performed at Andros, the largest urological clinic with locations across the Netherlands. Andros is the leading specialist clinic for vasectomy.

Sterilisations are always carried out by an experienced urologist in a relaxed atmosphere. Our clinics have the ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate), enjoy a high satisfaction rate and ensure short waiting times.

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Average rating on Zorgkaart Nederland: 9.1

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Male sterilisation at our clinics:

Especially for men
Well-experienced urologists
Relaxed atmosphere
Short waiting times
Immediate procedure during first visit optional

The leading specialist clinic for vasectomy

Male sterilisation performed at Andros Clinics, the largest urological clinic in the Netherlands. A urologist is a doctor who specialises in male genital organs. You can rely on the best possible sterilisation procedure in a relaxed atmospher.

Male sterilisation – vasectomy

Male sterilisation, also known as vasectomy, is a minor surgical procedure on the sperm tubes to prevent pregnancy (fertilisation). The procedure is known as one of the most reliable methods of contraception. In this procedure, the urologist cuts and seals both sperm tubes. Each year, about 20,000 men undergo this procedure to be ensured of reliable contraception. Read more about sterilisation.

What is a urologist?

A urologist is a doctor who specialises in the field of urology, a specialty within medicine occupied with the treatment of the male genital organs, kidneys and urinary tract. Being the specialist when it comes to the male genital organs, it is only logical that sterilisations are performed by urologists.

Our doctors

Informative first visit a possible option, and sometimes even mandatory

If you need more information or want to learn who we are, then you can opt for an informative first visit. If you are very tense and wish to undergo the procedure in a calmer state, we advise you to have an additional visit. This first visit is free of charge and without any obligations. If you decide to have a sterilisation following your first visit, we can schedule an appointment for the procedure.

Are you younger than 30 years old? If so, you must have a referral from your GP and an informative first visit to our clinic.

Single Visit: Immediate procedure on your first visit

It is possible to opt for a single visit to our clinic. On your first visit, the sterilisation procedure is immediately performed after a talk with our urologist about the procedure and possible complications. The procedure will be carried out on the condition that you are 100% sure you want to go through with sterilisation. You must bear in mind that sterilisation is permanent and that an operation to undo it will be quite difficult. Prior to the procedure, you will need to sign a Consent Form. Certain conditions apply for the Single Visit procedure.
Male Sterilisation sperm tubes before and after vasectomy

Why choose Andros?

  • Since 2004, Andros has provided urological care to men.
  • Sterilisations are always carried out by professional and well-experienced urologists.
  • Our clinics have the ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate) referring to the highest possible quality standards in our field of specialism.
  • High satisfaction rate: 9.1 in 2023 from reviews on Zorgkaart Nederland.

Male sterilisation can be performed at our clinics in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Baarn, Rijswijk – The Hague and Den Bosch.