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We are happy to welcome you in our clinics in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Baarn, The Hague and Den Bosch. View waiting times >

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Corona and our clinics

We’ve added precautions to minimize risk of Corona transmission. Read more about Corona on the website: Andros Clinics >

Waiting times

  • Amsterdam: circa 3 weken
  • Arnhem:  circa 4 weken
  • Baarn: circa 5 weken
  • Den Haag: circa 6 weken
  • Den Bosch: start op 1 juni 2021

Referral from GP not needed in general

You do not need a referral from your GP for sterilisation, unless you are younger than 30. Do you have a supplemental insurance and does your health insurer cover the sterilisation costs? If so, we advise you to contact your health insurer and check if you need a referral from your GP and approval from your health insurer.

Informative first visit a possible option, and sometimes even mandatory

If you need more information or want to learn who we are, then you can opt for an informative first visit. If you are very tense and wish to undergo the procedure in a calmer state, we advise you to have an additional visit. This first visit is free of charge and without any obligations. If you decide to have a sterilisation following your first visit, we can schedule an appointment for the procedure. Are you younger than 30 years old? If so, you must have a referral from your GP and an informative first visit to our clinic.

Single Visit: Immediate procedure on your first visit

It is possible to opt for a single visit to our clinic. On your first visit, the sterilisation procedure is immediately performed after a talk with our urologist about the procedure and possible complications. The procedure will be carried out on the condition that you are 100% sure you want to go through with sterilisation. You must bear in mind that sterilisation is permanent and that an operation to undo it will be quite difficult. Prior to the procedure, you will need to sign a Consent Form. Certain conditions apply for the Single Visit procedure >

Call me back

We can call you back from Monday through Friday, 08:30-17:00. 

  • If we can not reach you by phone
  • You can already indicate what you want to talk to us about. This is not mandatory.

Andros Clinics Amsterdam

Andros Clinics Amsterdam
Van Boshuizenstraat 12
1083 BA Amsterdam
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Andros Clinics Baarn

Andros Clinics Baarn
Hermesweg 15
3741 GP Baarn
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Andros Clinics Den Haag

Andros Clinics Den Haag
Bezuidenhoutseweg 1
2594 AB Den Haag
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Andros Clinics Arnhem

Andros Clinics Arnhem
Mr. E.N. van Kleffensstraat 5
6842 CV Arnhem
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Male Sterilisation Den Bosch

Male Sterilisation Den Bosch
Prins Bernhardstraat 1
5211 HE Den Bosch
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