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Costs of male sterilisation

The costs of sterilisation performed at Andros are €435. In general, hospitals apply similar or higher charges.

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Our clinics are especially for men and have the ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate).

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Male sterilisation and health insurance

Sterilisation not covered in basic package of health insurance

Sterilisations costs are not covered in the basic package of health insurers, which means you will have to pay for the costs yourself charged by clinics or hospitals.

You pay €435 by debit card at our reception. It is not possible to pay in cash. We will send you the invoice for the sterilisation procedure after processing the administration following the NZa rules (NZa= Dutch Healthcare Authority). This will be 6 weeks after the sterilisation procedure.

You do not need a referral from your GP, if you pay for the costs yourself and you are more than 30 years old.

Reimbursement via supplemental insurance

Some supplemental insurances provide reimbursement of sterilisations. In this case, you can reimburse the expenses of the sterilisation procedure with your health insurer. You may need a referral from your GP or approval from your health insurer. We advise you to contact your health insurer before visiting our clinic.

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Costs to cancel or no show

When you come to us for a sterilisation, a well prepared team is ready for you. Due to preparations, we won’t be able to fill up your reserved spot. That’s why we charge costs if you cancel or don’t show.

  • If you don’t show or cancel on the day of the appointment, the costs are €150.
  • If you cancel within 7 calendar days before the procedure, the cancellation fee is €75.

Why choose Andros?

  • Since 2004, Andros has provided urological care to men.
  • Sterilisations are always carried out by professional and well-experienced urologists.
  • Our clinics have the ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate) referring to the highest possible quality standards in our field of specialism.
  • High satisfaction rate: 9.1 in 2023 from reviews on Zorgkaart Nederland.

Male sterilisation can be performed at our clinics in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Baarn, Rijswijk – The Hague and Den Bosch.

Immediate procedure, or need more information?

Do you consider male sterilisation at Andros? If so, these are the options:

  • Informative first visit, followed by a second visit to perform the procedure. This first visit is free of charge and without any obligations.
  • Immediate procedure on your first visit. Certain conditions apply for the Single Visit procedure, read more about Single Visit

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The ZKN-keurmerk (ZKN certificate) guarantees quality, professionalism, safety and hygiene with independent assessments.

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Average rating on Zorgkaart Nederland: 9.1

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